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Hello, Friend! I’m Vishnu Goyal. Besides being one of the 7.8 billion people living on planet Earth, I am a Content Chef and spend most of my time playing with words, numbers, and web.

On getting to discover my passion for content, creativity, and giving life to new ideas, I bought my first domain on July 16, 2015, and managed to get it live on December 4, 2015. After that day, I never looked back and to go further, quit my Chartered Accountancy Finals on January 17, 2018. Since then, I have published my book Calm Social Media, released and tested a mobile application named Minute, crafted 30+ websites with 400+ articles, and secured full-time content and marketing roles in different organizations.

Of all the experiments done and going on, I am proud to have my initiatives DiLiTe, Keep Doing Good Stuff, and Content Chef touching hundreds of lives every day. As I write my life story further, I look forward to creating more things to help good people like you, in my pursuit of an imperfect life, raising humanity and building one carefree world.

Vishnu’s Lookbook

My Lookbook is a thoughtfully curated collection of my recent work that I am most proud of. Enjoy the incredible stuff.

Calm Social Media Book by Vishnu Goyal

Calm Social Media: don’t be a social media puppet!

Calm Social Media is a book to help you become a better player in the social media field.

We shouldn’t be afraid of missing out on what’s going on in the social media world, but of what we could be missing by spending too much time in it.

Vishnu Goyal

Content Chef - Vishnu Goyal

Content Chef

Content Chef is an initiative to inspire, empower, and ignite creators to create content that can inform, educate, persuade, inspire, and entertain with an X factor.

I believe that most of who we are today is shaped by what we have heard, what we have seen and experienced, and what we have read so far. Most of all that is nothing but some kind of content that we have consumed so far. That’s why I say content shapes the world. Content has the power to change the world.

Vishnu Goyal

Keep Doing Good Stuff

Keep Doing Good Stuff

An initiative to unfold timeless stories, ideas, and insights that inspire, empower, and ignite to Keep Doing Good Stuff and make lives a bit better.

Keep Doing Good Stuff with livinity, vision, believe, and hope.

Vishnu Goyal

DiLiTe by Vishnu Goyal


DiLiTe is an online platform to let you get the best of digital, life, and technology.

DiLiTe is coming soon.

Vishnu Goyal

Newbies In Vishnu’s Journal

In my journal, I rarely share my analysis, thoughts, opinions, and ideas on content, marketing, leadership, economy, technology, social media, and many other aspects of life, career, and business! My niche is no niche.

You Are Amazing

Nothing excites me more than the opportunity to help amazing people like you, bring new ideas to life, and thrive along the way. If you think I can be of any help in driving your idea to life, feel free to reach out. Besides, being part of the one-big-connected world, I always love to say hello to strangers, as well as non-strangers alike.

Hey Vishnu!