Vishnu’s Story: Inking Dots of Life

Content Chef & Creator, who plays with words, numbers, and web, in pursuit of an imperfect life, raising humanity and building one carefree world.

Long Story Short

Hello, Friend! I’m Vishnu Goyal. Besides being one of the 7.8 billion people living on planet Earth, I am a Content Chef and spend most of my time playing with words, numbers, and web.

On getting to discover my passion for content, creativity, and giving life to new ideas, I bought my first domain on July 16, 2015, and managed to get it live on December 4, 2015. After that day, I never looked back and to go further, quit my Chartered Accountancy Finals on January 17, 2018. Since then, I have published my book Calm Social Media, released and tested a mobile application named Minute, crafted 30+ websites with 400+ articles, and secured full-time content and marketing roles in different organizations.

Of all the experiments done and going on, I am proud to have my initiatives DiLiTe, Keep Doing Good Stuff, and Content Chef touching hundreds of lives every day. As I write my life story further, I look forward to creating more things to help good people like you, in my pursuit of an imperfect life, raising humanity and building one carefree world.

Long Story Long

Before I proceed to bore you with the long-long story of my life,—so far— let me take a moment to gift a bundle of gratitude to you for being one of the rare human beings in the world who is graceful enough to care about my story!

Okay. Now, make yourself comfortable and grab a cup of coffee or tea—I recommend tea; my only favorite beverage— if you can, as it will take around 10 minutes to go through it all. Without further ado, let’s jump in:

My Journey From School To Enrolling In Chartered Accountancy Course To Becoming The Now Me

After completing my schooling, I enrolled for the Indian Chartered Accountancy Course renowned as “CA.” After qualifying Level-I of CA-Inter, I, fortunately, got an opportunity to get my CA training for three years (called “CA Articleship”) in the income tax division of Baker Tilly DHC. While in the first year of my training, I felt some interesting developments within me for web designing, content creation, and marketing, persuaded by various online tax portals I used to utilize for researching taxation matters. But exactly why and how? Well, that’s the next part of the story.

Since I was working in the income tax division, my work included huge research on income tax matters. I used to research online via different tax websites and offline via different tax books and journals. I used to call it “online research” and “offline research.”

I enjoyed the online research work a lot. It was very fast, convenient, productive and saved me lots of hours. In my work, it was only the case of taxation. Being new in the online world, a little research convinced me that there are many other niches in the online world that you can enter and create your own space.

That conviction—to create something new, to come up with my own ideas, to bet on creativity, to do something new or do old things differently, to enter new niches, and do things that nobody is doing that don’t only add money to my bank account but also add value to people’s lives, and satisfy my aspirations to do more— thrilled me. That day,—July 16, 2015— I decided to create my own website on the internet and bought my first domain, without realizing that I had no idea how to create one!

As my first project, I wanted to create a website that is useful and can simplify the lives of people in some way. So, I decided to go for a website on income tax matters that can provide free and authentic tax information in a simplified language that a common person can understand. It was then I started my research on building websites, web designing, content creation, getting on the top of search results, social media marketing, and well, everything out there in the online ecosystem!

In the haste of setting my income tax website, I didn’t prepare well for Level II of my CA-Inter exams held in May 2015. When the result popped out, I was in the office, and, as you might have guessed, it was a failure. My colleagues and other team members asked me about the result and I was feeling embarrassed since all of my colleagues have already qualified this CA-Inter, but me.

Anyways, I was blessed to work with a good team. All of my team members were very supportive and asked me to leave early that day and take the time to let go of the result’s headache. On reaching home, I got angry seeing my books lying in my room. I tore them. I didn’t let go of a single page. I realize now that I didn’t make the right move that day, but convince myself that at times, we all get frustrated. After all, there is a reason why even AI-equipped robots can’t match us!

On the following day, I decided one more thing: No serious exams anymore. At my core, it was clear that I will no longer be doing the CA thing in the future. I looked my future into websites, content, and online stuff. I decided to do my training work seriously like I always did since it was not a kind of academic training, it was a practical training with a very good team where I was learning new things daily. After office hours and on weekends and holidays, I used to do full-time web designing, writing and learning as much as I could on content creation and online marketing stuff.

Finally, I launched my website Income Tax Players, later re-branded to TaxPlayers Global, and published a few articles that nobody read except a few colleagues and my friends! That was the beginning. Being new in the field of web designing and marketing, I was enjoying every bit of it and accumulated a plethora of ideas in my head.

Then came November 2015. I took a week-long examination leave for Level II of CA-Inter preparation and appeared in the exams for the 3rd time. After giving the exam, I was fully engaged in my training during daytime and in website development and writing during late evenings, nights, and every holiday. There was no time allocation for CA preparation at all.

When my 3rd attempt result came out, to most of my surprise, I got qualified and became a CA-Final student! Then I got a little serious about my CA preparation. The daily schedule was: Training + 1-hour study + web designing and writing all the remaining time. All was going well, except that 1-hour study. That could not find its place in my 24-hour day.

From November 2015 to June 2017, I don’t know how many domains I booked for all of my different ideas, how many websites I built and broke, how many of them got a few hundreds and thousands of visitors and how many of them failed. But one thing I know is that I got a lot of experience in basic web designing and by that time, I have accumulated a decent knowledge of content creation and digital marketing, thanks to the trial-error-learn experience of more than two years. By then, I started branding myself as a Tax Professional and a Nocturnal Web Designer & Content Creator!

June 2017 was the time to take leave from office for my November 2017 CA-Final examinations, and till then, despite all my endeavors, I was not able to focus on even a single subject. There were eight subjects I needed to prepare for CA-Final. My dedication to my new passion for websites and content creation screwed my CA preparation.

From 26th June 2017, I was at home for the preparation of CA-Finals. I picked the books but there was no benefit since my mind was already equipped with my ideas and I just wanted to create websites, write posts, and give life to my creativity.

I told my family that I am not able to focus on my studies, and I want to quit my CA instantly to pursue my career in the digital domain. All my loved ones advised me to give CA-Final a try at least. After all, it was my final level, and a lot of my previous work in the course was at stake now. I agreed to appear for CA-Final. I sat in my room, tried to study but to no avail. I picked my laptop and started writing. I created more than nine websites in the short span of four months, wrote several articles on them, and redesigned the entire sites’ network structure with the help of a few people.

October 2017 was coming to an end. From 1st November, I had my exams and I had not prepared for a single subject. I knew it, and my family knew it that I am not going to make it. Well, I appeared in exams, wrote whatever I could, and on 16th November 2017, it all finished.

From 17th November 2017, I reported back to the office to complete my CA training. My old ritual followed. On 17th January 2018, my result came out and I was not excited about it as I already knew the result. I failed with an embarrassing score of 34%. Well, I considered myself intelligent on seeing the result as I scored 34% without preparation, while many students are not able to get even 50% after three years of study. BTW, no offense!

I decided not to pursue CA furthermore, but I surely wanted to complete my CA training and get my certificate as I worked very hard for it. It completed on 2nd March 2018 and 5th March 2018 marked my last day of CA Articleship.

Now, here I am, giving life to my creative ideas, designing websites, creating new content every day, working full-time in the digital marketing department, and helping people give life to their creative ideas! What else can I demand from my profession?

What’s Next?

Above’s my story, so far! To get more of me, feel free to spend some time with my lookbook and explore some of the best work of mine, read some inspiring articles in my journal, subscribe to my letters that will inspire you to do more, live well, and stay happy, or connect with me.